What We Love About OOH Advertising

During the month of love, we’re looking into all there is to love about out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Nowadays, consumers are almost in complete control of what they consume visually. It’s easy to change the channel when an ad comes on or close the app you were on. This is why OOH advertising is so important – these advertisements are unmissable, they are striking and memorable in the eyes of a potential customer. You can’t just block the ad or change the channel, OOH advertising captures an audience who may not even realise they are being targeted.

Why we love OOH advertising;


OOH advertising comes in various formats, these include;

  • Billboards
  • Advertising posters
  • Ads on street furniture (benches or bus shelters)
  • Ads at airports or train stations
  • Lamppost banner advertising
  • Wallscape
  • Ads at a stadium or cinema
  • Construction hoarding
  • Digital Screens – it all depends on the needs of the client

OOH can make a simple idea come to life and truly brighten up the space around it. You have the option of choosing the type of advertising that best suits your campaign’s needs with the ability to capture an unsuspecting audience.

Unlimited design possibilities

This is such a dynamic industry where ideas and the types of OOH advertisements are progressing every day. You can come up with just about any idea and it can be done. We have done some incredibly unique and innovative OOH ad designs – you are not limited to just a billboard. You are options on what you can do and how we can do it for you are endless.

Technological advancements

OOH advertising is ever-changing and there are continuous technological advancements. With the advent of the digital screens used for advertising, the outdoor advertising industry is even more valuable. Going digital gives advertisers the flexibility to market short and long-term campaigns. Instead of running just one message, advertisers can now advertise multiple messages a day without having to produce a new advertisement each time.


Studies have shown that OOH is the second most efficient media in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), after television. The higher the proportional spend on OOH in an advertising campaign, the more efficient it becomes.

Using digital advertising or regular OOH advertising has the potential to lower production costs while reaching a large target audience – only benefitting your business.

Attention Grabbing

The medium is the message. OOH doesn’t come with editorial content. The right message and the right creative are extremely engaging.

Digital and mobile technologies used in OOH encourage greater consumer interactivity. According to a study conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 71% of people said they felt more positive towards a brand that offers interactive OOH.

OOH advertisements are eye-catching and become something vibrant and interesting for passersby to look at on their travels. This a subtle but effective way to transcend regular advertising.

Constant exposure

Using OOH is an effective way of increasing the reach and recall of a campaign. Coming second only to Television, OOH delivers strong campaign retention. Research has shown that a vast amount of people agree that there are some OOH campaigns they remember for a long time.

By using OOH – your advertisement is on show 24/7 reaching a huge audience and creating an even bigger impact. OOH advertising allows for your campaign to have constant airtime without the possibility of it being ignored.

Make an impact

OOH creates a huge impact because it stands alone, it’s not competing with the clutter of other advertisements, as is the case with some other media environments.

Dominant visibility, larger-than-life images, strong branding and messaging that stand out from the environment – OOH’s impact is largely determined by the creative. OOH has the ability to make a city incredibly vibrant and enticing to look at.

Consumers have agreed that OOH makes brands stand out from the norm. Outdoor is big, bold, colourful and most importantly memorable.

These are just some of the reasons we love OOH advertising but we know there’s more. This level of advertising takes your business and your products to new heights every time. OOH is how you will elevate your campaigns and surpass what is currently out there.

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