The detrimental effects of missed advertising deadlines

The importance of a deadline

So many of us are guilty of missing deadlines, from our personal to professional lives, deadlines seem to often encompass all that we do. In the historical sense, a deadline was the line that was drawn around a prison, if prisoners crossed this they would get shot. But, unless you have an incredibly strict boss, deadlines mean something very different now. However, the serious effect relating to the importance of meeting a deadline should still apply.

What so many brands don’t understand is how important a deadline really is, especially when it comes to advertising campaign deadlines. Missing a deadline has an effect on every single process leading up to the final product or project.

Which brings us to our next point…

The ripple effect of missing an advertising campaign deadline

As experts in outdoor advertising, we know just how important a deadline can be. We work together with locally-based production and installation partners who are leaders in their fields and together we strive towards creating a high-quality product that is delivered on time and on brief.

But, what happens when a deadline is missed? How does this impact not only the final result, but every little step leading up to it?  We find out.

No-brainer brainstorming

As with any good creative advertising campaign, it all starts with the brainstorming. As soon as the brief is in, the team gets cracking on brainstorming how to effectively portray the message in forms of advertising. A good campaign, starts with a good human truth, or rather, a consumer insight.

If this insight is not given the time and effort it deserves in order to be discovered and expanded on, then the team rushes to try and put something together at the last minute, thus the insight (if there is one) lacks the legs it needs to run through every inch of a successful advertising campaign.

If there is no insight or big idea, then the campaign loses the substance it needs to convey a strong message to the consumer.

Missing out on trends/big events and losing relevance

We all know the importance of trends and big events when it comes to effective marketing strategies. Even when an eagerly anticipated movie comes out (Marvel is a great example of this), everyone and their grandmother are often talking about it.

If your advertising campaign deadline was based around something like this and you missed it, your ads will then run after the movie is released. When this happens, the consumer sees the brand as outdated and even irrelevant while not being able to keep up with the times.

Falling behind competitors

This ties into the previous point of missing out on trends and big events. When a brand falls behind in their ability to keep up with the times and current events, the consumer will rather turn to a competitor, one who is more up to date on current world happenings and appeals to their need to always be one step ahead.

Consumer loyalty is earned over years of advertising, but it can be lost within a matter of seconds by falling behind what your competitors are doing.

Rushed final product

This point should be obvious, when a deadline is missed this can often lead to the execution being rushed – and a rushed execution spells disaster to campaign success.

Spelling mistakes, bad design, inconcise messaging, wrong image usage and many more elements come into play with a final execution that is left to the last minute.

Tainted brand image

And finally, the worst of the lot – a tainted brand image.

It is no secret that brands across the world spend a whole heap of money in trying to improve their brand image through increased brand awareness. But the image of the brand lies solely in the interpretation of a consumer when faced with a form of brand communication. One bad impression of a brand can turn a consumer off for life. It’s that serious.

What it comes down to

As we mentioned earlier, we work with expert production and installation partners in order to create high-quality products that are delivered on time. If you don’t meet your deadline, we can’t deliver on our promise of quality. We give you the canvas to bring across your brand message, but it is up to you to deliver in a clear, creative and strong ad.

Sticking to deadlines enables us, as Relativ Media to always deliver in creating high-quality products, on time and according to the brief – sounds great doesn’t it?

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