Relativ Media rides for Veterans for Wildlife in the 947 Cycle Challenge

At Relativ Media, we understand the importance of a location. Through this, we understand that South Africa, as a location, is a beautiful and unique space that requires protection and conservation. One of the important aspects of this is our wildlife. South Africa is a treasure trove of different species and organisms – but in recent times, this abundance has come under significant threat. This is why we support Veterans for Wildlife.

What is Veterans for Wildlife?

Veterans for Wildlife is an international charity organisation whose focus is that of endangered species and other wildlife around the world. Their strategy is two-fold, with one element of the focus being the protection and conservation of wildlife, the other being the empowerment of veterans. Their predominant concern is the area of Southern Africa, as the effects of wildlife crime continue to cause havoc in the ecosystem. They utilise the skills of former service personnel, with the training and dedication required to take on this tough task.

The issue of illegal wildlife trade

This fast growing and detrimental criminal activity that is illegal wildlife trade is worth as much as USD $23 billion per year. And unfortunately, the particularly vulnerable are the nearly extinct. South Africa is home to approximately 93% of the world’s white rhino and 40% of its black rhino. One rhino is killed every eight hours for its horn, which threatens the already dwindling population number.  On the black market, Rhino horn is more expensive than gold or cocaine, gram for gram. The African elephant is another critically endangered species, with around 90% of the population wiped out in the last century.

What do Veterans for Wildlife do to help?


With the increase of poaching, Veterans for Wildlife has set up numerous campaigns and initiatives to prevent more tragedies, such as the Black Mambas Poaching Unit –  an all-female anti-poaching team made up of army veterans. Veterans for Wildlife educates and empowers local forces in an effort to effectively save wildlife.

How can we help Veterans for Wildlife?

There are a number of ways to get involved and help out  Veterans for Wildlife. You can become a member or become a veteran or skilled volunteer is this applies to you. You can also help out with numerous fundraising opportunities and challenges, such as the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.


The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge

This year, a few of the Relativ team members will be joining over 28000 cycling enthusiasts in the 22nd annual Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge on Sunday the 18th of November at Riversands Commerical park. The Relativ team members taking part are:

  • Michael Christoforos
  • Bryan Fullerton
  • Dave Goodyer
  • Taryn Opperman
  • Chene Smith


These cyclists (together with a generous donation from Relativ Media) have raised funds for Veterans for Wildlife through the cycle challenge. They will be in official Veterans for Wildlife gear, which is also an effort to spread awareness of the cause en route.

To learn more about Veterans for Wildlife, visit their website here.

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