Relativ Media Digital Rollout

Relativ Media has added three new Digital sites to its Portfolio. The first site, 150 Rivonia Road, was introduced in November last year (2018). The second and third sites will be introduced in February (2019). “Adding to our far-reaching DOOH network expands our reach and simultaneously empowers our clients. Clients are now able to own spaces through the Relativ Media digital network. Through us, our clients are able to effortlessly connect with their chosen audiences, serving them the right offerings at the right time.” Sijadu Mzozoyana CEO.

150 Rivonia Road is located on Rivonia Road, at the entrance to Sandton. It is perched on an elevated façade, with a massive run-up that captures a slow-moving audience, daily. The digital screen is tactically positioned behind a traffic light intersection for additional dwell time and enhanced viewership. This route into Sandton is frequented by the affluent working class of Johannesburg, narrowed down to an LSM of between 6 and 10. There are approximately 70 000 cars that pass this site every day.

Benmore Entrance Digital – this site is in the heart of Sandton, positioned outside the entrance to the recently refurbished Benmore Gardens shopping centre. The site is positioned on 11th Avenue, just before you come onto Grayston Drive. This LED site will not only capture the attention of the working class of Sandton, but all retail consumers frequenting Benmore Gardens and all travellers coming in and out of Sandton via Parkmore.

digital screensdigital screensdigital screensdigital screens

William Nicol Digital is strategically positioned in Bryanston, on the ever-busy William Nicol drive. This site places brands at the centre of a network of highly diverse consumers.  Surrounding areas are flooded with commuters, residents, shopping areas, car dealerships etc. The screen is positioned en route to the freeway out of Sandton towards Bryanston, Fourways, Lonehill and surrounds. This site is positioned behind a traffic light intersection which allows for slow-moving traffic and a longer viewing period which only enhances a viewer’s contact time with the site.  

digital screensdigital screens

These 3 LED sites will prove to be a highly complementary addition to the Relativ Media portfolio and mark the beginning of our digital screen rollout.



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