Relativ Media and Thorn Tree Academy: Reflecting on 2018

Carla and Belinda Kamp are a mother and daughter dream team. Together they run a private primary school from grade R to grade 3, servicing children from disadvantaged backgrounds and Kya Sand Informal Settlement. Classes are small and focused with one qualified and dedicated teacher for every 15 students

Most parents of the school aren’t able to afford school fees so they have the opportunity to do odd jobs around the school – such as gardening and cleaning. For those that can’t afford school fees or contribute in any way, the school relies on donations and sponsorships.

A vegetable garden for sustainable practices 

Posted by Thorn Tree Academy on Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Thorn Tree Academy is a project close to our hearts here at Relativ Media. On Mandela Day this year – in collaboration with Lifestyle Garden Centre, we sponsored a vegetable garden with each student responsible for their own tyre filled with different vegetables. Every afternoon the veggies were watered and by September they were ready for harvesting!

The students reaped the rewards of their efforts and cooked up a storm with their very own home-grown veggies learning that: “I can grow my own veggies and feed my family!”

Harvest time ! Our students harvested crops today ….spinach, onions, cabbage from their tunnel farm and took the…

Posted by Thorn Tree Academy on Friday, 14 September 2018

When the students returned from September break, we replenished the garden and the students happily took on the responsibility of looking after their crops again.


Curriculum sponsorship

Thorn Tree Academy follows an internationally recognised curriculum. This enables the students to progress in their education comfortably when they move on from Thorn Tree Academy. Exams and assessments are conducted as per regulation and parent-teacher meetings are held regularly to encourage further support and dedication to each students’ schooling.

The school was paid a visit earlier this year by the Gauteng Department of Education. They checked everything from the students, teachers and administration to their registrations and papers. Thorn Tree Academy was awarded excellence and given the go-ahead to fill up the school.

As with any school curriculum, learning materials and stationery are essential, especially for compliance. Due to limited resources, the school relies on donations and sponsorships where they can.

Relativ Media’s CEO Sijadu Mzozoyana (CJ) and Lauren Dicks aided in sponsoring the grade 2 curriculum which brought new English, Science and Social Study books to the school.

Relativ Media sponsor curriculum to Grade 2 learners!

Relativ Media sponsor curriculum to Grade 2 students! Thorn Tree Academy sends out hugs and love to Lauren Dicks and CJ at Relativ Media for taking up the cause to keep our kids learning! #Heros #NPO #EDUCATION #SOUTHAFRICA #KyasandsInformalSettlement #Relativmedia

Posted by Thorn Tree Academy on Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Santa Shoebox

A beautiful Christmas party marked the end of 2018 with Thorn Tree Academy. The entire Relativ Media family pulled together to fill a shoebox for each child that contained:

  • Stationery
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • A toy
  • Sweets (of course!)

Redefine Properties’ Doug Mayne provided Pizzas to keep all bellies fed and Christmas cupcakes which cured everyone’s sweet tooth!

A beautiful Christmas party marked the end of 2018 with Thorn Tree Academy. The entire Relativ Media family pulled…

Posted by Relativ Media SA on Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Before CJ handed out all the shoeboxes, we got a glimpse into the Thorn Tree Academy’s Christmas concert where each grade did an excerpt from the concert for the Relativ Media team. They covered everything from the power of education to respecting one another.

The first group of students to receive their shoeboxes were those that received 100% in all their subjects. It was incredible to note how Belinda Kamp made a point of explaining to all the students that the shoeboxes were not just gifts – they were rewards from Relativ Media for all their hard work and dedication towards their education.

Once each student had their box – which was hand-wrapped and addressed to them by name, they were allowed to open it. As paper ripped and gasps erupted, it was an incredibly humbling experience for the entire team as we watched the joy spread across each little face after discovering a ruler and even a bar of soap in their boxes.

There was absolutely no exception for the teachers who dedicate their time to improving the lives and futures of these students and they were each given a small gift from Relativ Media too.

The day concluded with a slip-and-slide for the students to cool down on a very hot summer’s day.

Thank you to Belina and Carla Kamp and all the teachers and staff who are making a difference in the lives of these children.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

― Nelson Mandela

Contact Lauren from Relativ Media for more information about how you can get involved with Thorn Tree Academy.

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