Digital out-of-home advertising trends you need to know to boost your marketing campaign

DOOH is paving the way for innovative & successful marketing campaigns and out-of-home just keeps getting better!

Digital out-of-home advertising, also known as DOOH is on the rise in the world of advertising, and truth be told, it has been for quite some time. It is no longer the next big thing, it is the biggest thing in advertising right now. DOOH claims the title for being one of the most interactive and fastest growing forms of advertising.

As leaders in Out-of-home advertising, we unpack what DOOH is, the trends and why it has become the leading medium in advertising.

What is digital out-of-home advertising?

Out of home (OOH) is nothing new, it is actually the oldest kind of marketing around today. Static-only billboard gave rise to digital OOH thanks to advances in technology.

DOOH refers to digital forms of media that appear in public places. These include digital outdoor signs and poster, billboards and screen found in malls, airports and other environments people tend to visit or pass by. When done right, DOOH is not only a tool for selling but an effective way for brands to interact with their consumers and a creative way to grab their attention.

DOOH cannot be scrolled passed, blocked or unfollowed, they are hard to ignore and incorporate powerful software and innovative technology to make this form of advertising, a force reckoned with.

The top trends in DOOH

It’s growing!

In having close to 16500 panels in South Africa alone, we are starting to take notice of a more creative and intelligent use of DOOH – moving from being the basic copy and paste of a TV commercial into a complementing and effective medium for a marketing campaign.

Digital capabilities and data feeds inform the creative message – a boost in effective creative

Thanks to interconnectivity with digital, marketers have been able to fine-tune their consumer marketing using demographic data. Brands are starting to use data from social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to pinpoint where the best locations are to reach their target market.

Likes, locations, interests, follows, friends, stories, check-ins and other data can all be captured to clearly define the consumer and target them at the right locations with the right message.

DOOH is becoming more immersive

There has been a rise in the use of augmented reality and virtual reality in advertising…

VR (Virtual Reality) –This form of interactive marketing immerses the consumer in a 360-degree digital world. It makes use of a headset such as the Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift.

AR (Augmented Reality) – This form of marketing uses the physical environment of real-world objects and combines them with computer-generated content such as video, graphics or sound and it is most commonly done through an app such as Snapchat on a mobile device.

At this point, you might be wondering “But, how does DOOH fit into all of this?” Well, VR and AR both have the ability to create content for mass audiences and grab the consumer’s attention. Combining this technology with the broadcasting abilities of OOH in reaching mass audiences in urban areas, brands are able to integrate AR and VR to increase both the interactivity and reach of their campaigns on an exponential level.

DOOH is integrating more and more with mobile

Mobile and DOOH are converging. Research has revealed that OOH (including DOOH) ads have resulted in more online activity by consumers per ad spend compared to any other form of offline media.

Data from mobile location, as we mentioned earlier, provides new innovative capabilities to measure the viewability of OOH by connecting outdoor ads to in-store sales. As well as this, marketers can identify smartphones that are exposed to their OOH ads and retarget these devices with mobile ads at the optimum time.

How OOH is currently the fastest growing form of advertising around

It becomes clear as to how OOH has been putting in the work to keep up with and exceed the expectations of technology and advances in advertising strategies and techniques. OOH helps brands to take their message one step further, expanding reach, impact and awareness.

We live in an age where media fragmentation is on the rise and OOH is more relevant than ever. OOH reaches consumers no matter how they prefer to consume media, making them take notice, stop, and buy a product. There is no other form of advertising that is more present and more versatile creatively.

When combined with other advertising platforms in a well-thought-out media strategy, OOH will amplify your campaign, extend the reach, drive your consumers to engage with your brand online and in-store.

DOOH continues to surprise brands with phenomenal results, innovative messaging and data capturing techniques and an increase in the efficacy of campaigns. So, are you ready to take your next ad campaign 10 steps further? Get in touch with us and let’s make your ads something to remember.

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