An Overview of 2018

2018 presented Relativ Media with an opportunity to consolidate its business with a view to position itself for expansion and growth in the medium term. The year began with the acquisition of Graffiti Media and a resultant reconfiguration of the organisation’s structure and strategic imperatives.

The transaction provided dual benefit to the group. It added to the pool of distinctive, large format iconic sites in the business’s asset register and brought with it the skills and experience of the management team of Graffiti Media. Merging any two entities comes with complexity and challenges but the group is proud to report the successful, smooth transition of both staff and operations from Graffiti Media into the Relativ group of companies. “2018 was a very exciting year!  Once the acquisition was finalised in May, the rest of the year flew by and we achieved so much in six months. The staff have integrated, sales increased and we have secured fantastic new sites which will go live during the course of 2019, so watch this space!”- Richard Wilkinson MD

The acquisition was concluded in April 2018. Since the acquisition, the business experienced significant revenue growth in the merged entities while the cost base of the business has stabilized. Clients have seen the value of doing business with Relativ Media and that is evidenced by the addition of new end clients to the business as well as the uptick in revenue. “Advertisers are still looking for large format iconic sites that stand out of the clutter and make a big impact in their target area. With this in mind, we are continuously on the lookout for new opportunities in this space. Telco’s, Financial Services and Alcohol brands have enjoyed major success by using this platform. The demand for Digital Out of Home (DOOH) continues to increase with many retail, alcohol, FMCG, Telco and Financial services advertisers choosing to add this platform to their out of home marketing campaigns. This platform saves on production costs, is able to change creative in real time and has the ability to innovate delivering better post-campaign results to advertisers”- Andrew Cooper Group Sales Director.

The founder of Relativ Media, Brett Tucker, now sits as chairman of the group while Sijadu Mzozoyana has been newly appointed as CEO. “The OOH space requires leaders to be both learning agile and strategic. Our people are empowered to make decisions that are aligned with our strategic priorities. Having the right people in our teams who consistently make the right decisions for our business, differentiates us from the competition. We have what I believe to be the right tricks up our sleeves and I look forward to showcasing those solutions to our clients in the new year”. Sijadu Mzozoyana CEO.

“Our organization is self-aware. As a South African business, we understand our context and we understand the responsibility we have to fellow South Africans. In satisfying our social responsibilities we made a conscious effort to align ourselves with organizations that focus on youth education and youth development”. Sijadu Mzozoyana CEO.

Through the Tucker Foundation, Celebrating Life and our Annual Golf Day we were able to provide support to Oliver House, The Theo Jackson Fund, The St Mary’s Foundation, St Johns Academy, Women of Vision and Thorn Tree Academy.

As a business, Relativ Media will continue to build a business which is customer centric at its core and socially responsible in its heart. If we offer our clients the right solutions, they will partner with us, as they are doing, and the results will take care of themselves. We believe we have the right foundations set for 2019 and if we remain focussed on what we do best, we will most certainly have a successful 2019!

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