6 Advantages of Digital Screen Advertising

Why digital does better in the modern world of advertising

Consumers tell us every day what they want, where they want it and what attracts them to us in the first place. It’s our job to listen to our consumers and come up with effective ways to target them. Our consumers spend a vast majority of their time online and because of this, their wants, needs and concerns have changed. Consumers now operate in the here and now – a personalised, specific-to-them world in which change happens instantly. If you are not listening to this demand for real-time interaction in the traditional advertising space, you are missing the mark. Digital screens do just that – they turn out of home advertising into an interactive, specific and attractive advertising space that your consumers won’t ignore, and here’s how:

1. Change your narrative as quickly as consumers change their minds

Consumers are used to the instant online world, where advertising is targeted to them specifically, based on what they are currently interested in. The OOH world should be no different. Digital displays mean you can change your creative to suit different aspects of the consumer journey, and display a different message for changes like:

  • The time of day, i.e. breakfast vs. dinner
  • Time of year, i.e. festive season ads
  • Short-term discounts
  • Weather-related
  • Trend-related
  • Whatever else comes to mind – the possibilities are endless!

2. Engage and interact with consumers like never before

When your messages are more personalised and specific, you engage with your consumers on a much better level. Not only does this attract them to you, but can also increase customer loyalty and keep them coming back. Remember that new customers are not your only customers – so retaining customers who will repeatedly purchase from you is just as important.

Digital displays can also allow you to physically interact with your customers. Touch screens, movement detection displays and other features not only increase brand awareness and brand image, but you can also learn more about your audience. For example, through an interactive game, you may be able to collect consumer email addresses for further communication. Or, you might use a digital display for the purpose of a survey.

3. Enjoy cost-effectiveness

There are multiple reasons why digital display is cost-effective advertising:

  • Use the graphics and displays for online – therefore doubling your reach without the cost of a new image
  • Greater ROI due to better brand awareness and loyalty
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs

4. Improve the customer experience

Digital displays have proven to minimise perceived wait time, and therefore make the overall customer experience better when screens are placed strategically. It also increases dwell time and purchase amount, improving your overall bottom-line.

5. Utilise the power of video

The evidence that video content is king when it comes to online marketing is astounding. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text, and over half a billion people are watching video on Facebook every day. It couldn’t be more obvious – consumers prefer watching videos! Digital displays give you the opportunity to utilise video content and speak to consumers in a medium they prefer. There are, however, strict regulations which need to be adhered to when using video in digital screens advertising. 

6. Get your message out there

Overall, the main benefit of digital display advertising is that it is a unique, attractive and effective way to broadcast your message. It allows a large audience to experience your brand and get a taste for your experience.

How could your brand benefit from the advantages of digital display?

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